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By hiring "Alexander Given (AXII Media)" you are agreeing to these terms. Your payment is an order for a Wedding Film (as described in invoice) with Alexander Given (AXII Media). It is understood that all raw and edited images and video are the  property of Alexander Given (AXII Media) and may be used for display,  promotion, advertising or any purpose thought proper by Alexander Given (AXII Media). Copyright of edited material is shared.

1. Deposit: A deposit retainer payment of $500 is due to secure the videographer exclusively for your selected date. This amount will be included in your invoice that will be sent to you via email and is to be paid within 14 days of making your booking. The Client is to check and confirm their bookings details and ensure that all their booking details are correct on their Invoice as per the details that they provide on their online booking form or via message to Alexander Given (AXII Media). Alexander Given (AXII Media) will not be liable for any errors made by the client. 


2. Date Reservation: Your date is not reserved until security deposit retainer payment is made, Alexander Given (AXII Media) has the right to accept other bookings for your date/time and if this occurs than Alexander Given (AXII Media) will have no further obligation to your booking.


3. Cancellation: The deposit retainer of $500 is non-refundable and non-transferable in the event of cancellation of the booking by the Client, regardless of when the booking is cancelled. Such cancellation must be in writing.

The $500 deposit retainer is paid to the business to secure the videographer and the services of Alexander Given (AXII Media) for the requested date/s. It also blocks out Alexander Given (AXII Media) from being available for other work for that same date/time. The deposit is retained by the business to cover business expenses, any associated fees and to compensate for loss of work & income.


4. Full Payment: This agreement shall be deemed cancelled if all monies are not paid on time as stipulated on the Clients Invoice (full payment is due no later than 30 days before booking date) and Alexander Given (AXII Media) shall have no further obligations to the Client if full payment is not received. If the agreement is cancelled due to non payment of full amount, there will be no refund of any monies paid thus far, including the deposit retainer and Alexander Given (AXII Media) will not be liable to provide any services to the client.


5. Copyright: Alexander Given (AXII Media) shall retain full copyright in all the completed/edited material produced by Alexander Given (AXII Media).


6. Client Use: Alexander Given (AXII Media) shall not be liable for any claims whatsoever resulting from alterations made to the material by the Client. Alexander Given (AXII Media) grants the Client the right to make unlimited number and format of copies of the wedding film in any medium for personal use. The Client shall obtain written permission from Alexander Given (AXII Media) prior to selling or publishing any of the material for financial gain.


7. AXII Media Use: Alexander Given (AXII Media) is granted the irrevocable and unrestricted right to use and alter the material for commercial, promotional, marketing, competition, websites, social media or other purposes and without compensation, unless the client states otherwise in writing. 


8. Booked Time: Alexander Given (AXII Media) is booked in for approximately 10 hours. This does not guarantee that Alexander Given (AXII Media) will obtain 10 hours of footage. Alexander Given (AXII Media) will obtain as much footage as he deems necessary for the film, and may end booking early at his discretion. Clients must also be prepared for Alexander Given (AXII Media) to miss filming opportunities as a result of lateness by ClientAlexander Given (AXII Media) shall not be held responsible for being unable to obtain footage (i.e of groom/other party) as a result of timing conflicts due to Client (Bride/Groom) running late. However, Alexander Given (AXII Media) will do his absolute best to provide as much value and obtain as much necessary/integral (decided by Alexander Given) footage as possible.


9. Unavailability: If Alexander Given (AXII Media) cannot attend to his duties for medical reasons or other emergency, all effort shall be made by them to reschedule project at no extra cost to the Client. If the Client is not satisfied with the proposed alternative, all monies paid by the Client (including the Reservation Deposit) shall be refunded in full and Alexander Given's (AXII Media) liability shall be limited to this refund.

10. Refund: All monies paid by the client shall be refunded and this Agreement become void if an act of God or other catastrophe necessitates cancellation, or in case of death or serious illness to either party or their immediate families up to 1 week before the booking. Such cancellation must be in writing and a registered professional shall attest to the illness or death referenced as reason for cancellation.

11. Lost Footage: Alexander Given (AXII Media) shall use the utmost care and reliable equipment throughout the capturing, backup, processing and transportation of the material. If however, the material is lost, stolen or damaged for any reason, Alexander Given (AXII Media) shall refund all monies received and his/her liability shall be limited to this refund. If a portion of the material is lost, stolen or damaged for any reason, then the refund shall be calculated pro-rata based on the package selected and his/her liability shall be limited to this partial refund.

12. Final Delivery: Footage will be processed and delivered in the earliest time frame as possible. Please allow 4-8 weeks processing time for all videos. In rare circumstances including but not limited to illness, unusually busy periods, family emergency, natural disaster etc. the delivery time of your videos may be extended up to 12 weeks.

13. Data Archive: Upon receipt of a link to their wedding film, Client accepts all responsibility for archiving and protecting the videos. Alexander Given (AXII Media) does not permanently archive video files. Alexander Given (AXII Media) is not responsible for the lifespan of any digital media provided or for any future changes in digital technology or media readers that might result in an inability to access provided link. It is Client's responsibility to make sure that digital files are copied to new media as required.


14. Interstate & General Travel Costs: Alexander Given (AXII Media) reserves the right to charge a base fee of $500 for interstate travel between Melbourne and Canberra, to cover for time spent driving to transport equipment, plus travel and accomodation costs. Price may increase depending on amount of time required to spend in Canberra (A.C.T), and will be discussed with Client if needed. Interstate and regular travel costs for all other states/cities/regions shall be quoted on a case by case basis, depending on distance, and length of time.


If there are any questions regarding AXII Media's T&C's, you may contact us using the details below or by visiting the Contact page:


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